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Rhode Island Fishing Regulations

The Rhode Island Fishing regulations are presented below in alphabetical order.

The Rhode Island DEM provides saltwater fishing regulations for Rhode Island.

We have here the 2010 Rhode Island DEM recreational regulations. They have not been finalized by the RI DEM.  Currently charter boats are covered mostly by recreation catch requirements except for scup which has a separate charter boat regulation.

Black Sea Bass: open year round.  12" minimum size.  25 fish per person per day.  An excellent tasting fish in Rhode Island.

Bluefish: no minimum size, 10 fish per person per day.   A fishy flavored fish.

Bonito: no minimum size or maximum per day.  An excellent tasting fish.

False Albacore:  Most people don't keep these, they don't taste good.

Flounder:  Season June 15th - December 31st.  Minimum size 21" and 6 fish per person each day.  An excellent tasting fish and relatively easy to find in Rhode Island waters.

Scup: May 24 - September 5: 10.5" minimum size and 10 fish per person per day.  A very sweet tasting fish.  Charter boats only, September 1st - October 15th: 45 fish per person per day, minimum size 10.5".

Striped Bass:  No closed season, Minimum 28" and 2 fish per person each day.  A very neutral taste, great for people who don't like fishy flavor.

Tautog:  April 15 - May 31 3 fish per person each day at a minimum size of 16".  Closed June.  July 1 to October 16 3 fish per person each day at a minimum size of 16".  October 17 to December 15: 8 fish per person each day at a minimum size of 16".  Very flavorful fish especially when fresh.  Excellent fighter for its size and one of the best eating fish in Rhode Island.

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