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Point Judith Charter Boats History

Learn about the five Pro Fishing Guides on this website.

We have also included a short history of the Point Judith Salt Pond area.

Point Judith has a long history of navigation and fishing in the Rhode Island area.  It has always been the gateway to Narragansett Bay.  The first lighthouse was built in 1810, a simple wooden structure.  Since then it was rebuilt four times as a result of poor construction or storm damage.  During the early part of the 20th century, there was four times more traffic going past Point Judith Lighthouse than there was entering New York Harbor.

Point Judith was a terrible harbor to enter during a storm, so in 1900 construction was begun on a breakwater rock wall and was completed in 1910.  The area within the wall is now known as the Point Judith Harbor of Refuge, and without it entering into the Galilee channel would be very difficult with big seas hitting the south shore.  The area consists of three rock walls with an entrance on the east and west sides of the enclosure.

Today there are numerous commercial fishing vessels and recreation fishing boats that find their homes on the waters of Point Judith salt pond.  Many of the Charter fishing vessels registered in Rhode Island sail from its waters through the Galilee channel out to the fishing grounds.  

Below are five expert charter captains who sail from Point Judith pond.

South shore striper 35lb

Adventure Charters
Block Island Rip Striper

Point Judith Striper 33lb

Block Island for big Bass

Adventure RI Fishing Charters.  Captain Chris of the Adventure has been fishing in Rhode Island for 11 years.   In that time he has learned a lot about areas, tactics, and rigs that work.  He has developed his own plugs, trolling frames, daisy chains and other terminal tackle which are used on charter trips to catch fish when others are having less success.   This captain is always looking for new places to fish, new rigs or techniques, in order to have the greatest possible number of ways to catch fish.  On any given charter you may be trolling, casting plugs, soft plastics, or deep jigging with bucktails or diamond jigs-- whatever it takes to get fish in the boat.  The Adventure boat is a 33' Webber cove down east sportfisher that can take up to 6 passengers.
Rhode Island fishing charters.

Adventure on Point Judith Pond 

Aces Wild Charters.  Captain Earl of the Aces Wild has been fishing for most of his life.  Starting on the head boats in NY where he payed $5 to go out (don't even want to think about how long ago that must have been) he has been a fishing fanatic ever since.  Lived many years in Florida and fished the Atlantic Gulf coast off Miami for many years, catching a wide variety of species.

RI Light Tackle Fishing Charters

Aces Wild on Point Judith Pond

Drifter Too Charters.  Captain Richard Chatowsky is a very easy going person who loves to take families and children out fishing.  His boat is roomy and has a large, clean bathroom so Mom doesn't have to worry, she can come along too.  Richard does a lot of Flounder fishing trips as these work best for families with small children.  He also fishes for stripers and blues.    The Drifter Too boat is a 36' Harris sportfish design with a fly bridge, and can take a maximum of 6 passengers.  During the season Richard keeps his boat docked at Jim's Dock in Jerusalem, Rhode Island.

Point Judith Fishing Charters

Drifter Too entering Point Judith Pond

On The Rocks Charters.  On The Rocks Charters specializes in fly fishing and light tackle fishing Narragansett Bay and the Rhode Island south shore.  Captain Rene's expertise is in fishing structure, and Rhode Island's rocky shoreline has plenty of it.  Rene has fished Narragansett bay for many years and is familiar with all its areas of structure.  He makes most of the files used for fly fishing on his boat.   His charter boat is a 21' Mako center console with nothing sticking up to be in the way of casting.  He can take a maximum of 3 anglers when using light tackle spinning gear and 2 when fly fishing.

Newport Fishing Charters

Snow Fly Charters.  For captain Greg Snow, fishing is an obsession.  He fishes every chance he gets, whether its from his boat, a friends boat, or from the beach, every spare moment is spent on the passion of fishing.  Greg is an expert fly fisherman, and can cast a fly farther than most people can cast with a spinning outfit (hard to believe, but it's true).  He guides on Narragansett Bay during May and early June, then moves out to Block Island and guides from New Harbor on the island until the end of September.  From October to November he guides out of Jim's Dock in Jerusalem, RI.  Greg has fished many areas of the world including Belize, Florida.  His boat is a 23' Seacraft center console.  This vessel has an excellent ride in rough water and is built very solidly, an extremely safe boat with many advantages for the fly fisherman in there being very little for your fly line to hang up on.  Greg, Chris, and Earl will sometimes go out fishing together when they have a day without a charter.

Block Island Fishing Charters





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